[in-gree-dee-uh nts]

    1. components of a food, product, etc.
    2. qualities or characteristics that makes something possible
    3. a space where Community comes together


Whats NEW? – Bring in your used books for cafe credit for our “Loft Bookstore”!

in these Categories – children’s books, spirituality, homesteading, humour, art, healthy recipe books, gardening and farming.

In the Cafe:

Choose from a vast array of organic, vegan, gluten-free baked and raw treats. Muffins, Cakes, Power Bars and other tantalizing goods all made with a “Food is the Best Medicine” Philosophy – take out vegan or vegetarian picnic lunches for everyday or gourmet fair. Customizable catering or home packages for delicious organic meals, lunches, breakfast meetings or dinners.

Our drink menu is crazy interesting, from healing elixers to world class lattes and teas! Smoothies that you could live off of and iced drinks that will hydrate and give you energy! PLUS WE NOW HAVE FRESH JUICE!

We have house-made products that are typically sold in mason jars and you’re given a $1 credit upon their return. Sprouted Hummus, Pinto Refrys, Lemon Tahini Dressing, Cindy’s Famous Miso Gravy, Buddha Sauce, Tahini Miso Spread, Lemon Turmeric Elixer (Major Master), Beet Kvass, House Made Saurkraut etc. etc.

In the Market:

One of the most interesting and diverse selections of organic bulk goods on Vancouver Island. Over 500 items to choose from including rice, beans, grains, flours, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, seaweeds, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, culinary and medicinal teas, black teas, tea blends, body care and house cleaners, etc. We sell a wide range of items from Harmonic Arts and also create our own unique blends of teas and spices.

We stive to not support the GMO industry and will not buy products that contain them. Period. Find a potential GMO at Ingredients and it’ll have to go! We value the certified organic industry and support local organic growers wherever possible. And there’s lots of great ones! Some of the farms we buy from currently include:

  • Haliburton
  • Suntrio
  • Metchosin Farm
  • Salt Spring Sprouts

and many other small local growers who middle with Trigo Foods.

We use biodegradable bags for produce, but there are no plastic bags available for bulk – just compostable containers, jars, or paper bags to buy. Or of course, you can bring your own containers!

Healing Space:

We now have a healing room upstairs that offers services ranging from Acupressure to Detox Food Baths. Services are often offered on a drop in basis, another reason to shop at Ingredients! We welcome new practitioners to check out the possibility of using our space.

Workshop Space:

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, cooking classes, workshops, lectures, movie nights etc.