Our Story


Cindy and I have lived, since the birth of our children, integrated within a community of shared interests. Our paths crossed many times living in the Cowichan Valley: It seems children, food and work have woven our friendship into a solid foundation of values that we now integrate into our business on a daily basis.

We began our working relationship while employed alongside each other at the Community farm Store in Duncan, BC. In the spring of 2011 we felt a calling to create a similar bee hive of good vibes with other communities that we believed did not yet have a market like ours. Cindy met her now husband Greg, who lives in James Bay, and thus it seemed a natural progression to move our hearts and efforts to Victoria.

The space we now occupy on Store Street took 5 months of hard work, negotiation and personal financial investment to renovate. We worked tirelessly to prepare a market-like atmosphere where we hoped to expose as many people as possible to the gifts of the planet. Flash forward only a little over a year since we opened our doors, and we now enjoy a vibrant & loving community of committed shoppers at our own ‘farm’ store. Our daughters, the initial stands of the web are now employed at the store and our core values are still guiding the decisions we make to shape the ever-evolving creation that is “Ingredients.”

–Deanna Danychuk, Ingredients Co-founder

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