In case you missed our Health Day…

Thanks to all of you that came by on Saturday, November 21st to celebrate Ingredients’ 4 year anniversary!

We had a great day with wake up yoga, yummy organic treats, informative seminars, heartfelt poetry and excellent community vibes.

In case you missed it, here’s the short and sweet version of the day’s activities in The Loft (upstairs; bookstore and lounge coming soon!). Each of these topics were squeezed into 45 minutes, and squeezed further into a few bullets below. For more information please reach out to the speakers!

Cleansing Practices and Wake Up Yoga with Mamata
(Cindy Meiklejohn, Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Yoga Instructor)

  • Cindy suggests to start every day with a 5 minute routine of dry brushing. Dry brushing helps get the circulatory and especially the lymph system moving. This is detoxifying and nourishing to cells and tissues.
  • The Ayurvedic practice of Jihwa Prakshalana, or tongue scraping, removes bacteria from the mouth. Lots of benefits for whole body health to this!
  • A big glass of filtered water (such as Kangen) with some himalayan rock salt ‘sole’ solution. Provides the body with 90+ trace minerals for optimum hydration and cellular detox.
  • Wake up yoga involves cleansing breath w
    ork and abdominal pulses to ‘wash’ and ‘wake up’ the internal organs.


Immunity with Dr. Jennifer Gratton, ND

  • The way the body breaks down food affects the immune system.
  • When the immune system is out of whack, start the healing process by addressing digestion. Dr. Gratton works with optimizing digestion with 5 key points:
    • Address sugar consumption and possible candida overgrowth.
    • Introduce fermented foods (the right amounts, at the right time).
    • Follow the 80% rule where you eat to 80% fullness. When we eat to 100% fullness or over-fullness, undigested food particles are more likely to end up in lower digestive tract and become food for bad bacteria and yeasts.
    • Address food combinations specific to your gut ecology, genes and blood type. For example many people should be eating fruit only on an empty stomach.
    • Consume clean-sourced ocean vegetables and foods containing beta-glucans.
  • Other strategies for improving immunity include: constitutional hydrotherapy, balancing adrenals and cortisol levels, and using immune boosting foods.
  • Check out Dr. Jennifer Gratton’s recipe for Nature’s Flu Shot:


Click here to read more about Dr. Jennifer Gratton, ND, and her practice.

Water for Sprouting and Cleansing with Cindy and Joseph

  • We are over 70% water, every cell in your body creates waste that must be washed away.
  • Dehydration is a common issue that may be causing many if not all of your health issues.
  • Clean, alkaline, mineralized, antioxidant water such as Kangen water  which has been used in Japanese hospitals for over 30 years is next level water! Also use it in cooking, soaking and sprouting.
    • The process of sprouting, or germinating, removes phytic acid from grains, nuts, and seeds. Phytic acid is an enzyme inhibitor and mineral blocker.
    • Sprouting increases the mineral & vitamin content of foods by up to 300% and protein by up to 100%
    • Just 1/2 cup of sprouted rice has 3g of fiber and 9g of protein. Sprouting rice unleashes GABA – an amino acid that helps the body regulate serotonin levels (better sleeps and better moods!).


Stress and Exhaustion: Adrenal and thyroid solutions with Dr. Penny Seth-Smith, ND

  • The natural doctor’s approach to adrenal and hormone health is preventive rather than the conventional doctor who reacts to full-on burn out.
  • The thyroid and adrenal glands work together for overall energy production.
  • If there is ever a case of depleted or imbalanced thyroid, always address the adrenals as well.
  • Symptoms of adrenal exhaustion include: low energy & enthusiasm; easily overwhelmed, irritable, moody; difficult, un-refreshing sleep; caffeine & sugar cravings; low blood pressure; dizziness on standing.
  • Symptoms of thyroid imbalance may include: tired, easily gain weight, cold, constipated, dry hair and skin, outer eyebrow loss, aching, slow reflexes, reduced response to caffeine.
  • Dr. Penny’s treatment methods include food and herb recommendations, strategic use of hormones & medicines, and guiding patients through safe and gentle detox. Detoxing through homeopathics and specific herbs is a process called ‘drainage’ where both physical and emotional toxins leave the body.


Click here for Dr. Penny’s website and contact information.

Intuitive Eating with Carly, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

  • There are many factors that influence the food choices we make. Intuitive eating is all about connecting with your body to properly understand the silent signals that are communicated internally all day.
  • Four main headings influence our food choices:
    • Body/physiology: this includes understanding your cravings and evolutionary/genetic predispositions, understanding macronutrients, addressing deficiencies and using food strategically.
    • Emotions: eating mindfully, food addiction (both physiological and psychological), and alternate ways to satisfy the voids one fills with food.
    • Surroundings/geography: eating with the seasons, and balancing food choices. Foods should be balanced in their expansive vs. contractive nature; acidity vs. alkalinity; heating vs. cooling nature; and building vs. break-down nature.
      • Recommended book: “Food and Healing” by Annemarie Colbin
    • Media/external factors: food advertising, convenience, re-framing the way we think about eating, mealtimes, and nourishment.


 Click here to read more from Carly.

Spinal Health and Your Health with Dr. Amar Sandhu, DC

  • Genetically we all have the capability to live to 120 years old. However some 53 year olds HealthDayChiroNerveChartexperience worse health and mobility than a 103 year old that Dr. Sandhu sees in his practice.
  • Certain lifestyle shifts can greatly increase the quality and length of your life, and starting early with a preventive mindset is ideal. This means eating a clean diet, being active, and being careful not to take on too much stress. Also, 5 minutes of stretching every morning could change your life.
  • Think of the brain as the computer of the body, and the spinal cord as the keyboard which sends messages to every body part and organ.
  • “Chiropractic is not about curing anything, it is about giving the body a chance to fight.” -Dr. Sandhu
  • Some examples of chiropractic adjustments allowing the body to heal:
    • Babies with colic or digestive issues, almost always resolved from a spinal adjustment.
    • Chronic headaches leading to taking daily painkillers, which then lead to constipation, all resolved (and drug-free) within a month of chiropractic adjustments.
    • Heartburn is generally resolved with an adjustment in the thoracic region of the spine.


Dr. Sandhu is passionate about a healthy, proactive lifestyle. Click here to read some of his practice’s blog posts about healthy living.

Kick Ass Aging with Kristina Sisu, Medical Intuitive, Author, Energetic Healer

  • Kick Ass aging can be broken down to three important categories
  1. Nourish brain cells and body. Clean food is so important, especially for healthy aging. Some ‘foods’ are more like poison. A general rule: if you can’t pronounce an ‘ingredient’ then you probably shouldn’t eat it. Clean protein is important for norepinephrine production which has a role in energy production. Clean sources of carbohydrates are important for serotonin production for good mental health.

  2. Rewiring the brain and neuroplasticity. Kristina works with clients to teach them brain gym and brain yoga. The brain needs movement to stay sharp (i.e. looking at a screen is not movement). “Cross-crawling” while thinking positive thoughts and affirmations helps creates patterns and new neural pathways in the brain (neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to adapt and change).

  3. The mother of it all: Attitude. Don’t focus on what you can’t change in life, rather focus on what you can. Brief introduction to the physical manifestations of negative thought patterns such as: the relationship of back pain and an overall feeling of having ‘too much on your back – too much responsibility’ More info about this in Kristina’s book: “Get Out of Your Own Way”


Click here to learn more about Kristina Sisu’s work.


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