Ingredients Cafe Drinks From healing elixirs to world class lattes and teas! Smoothies that you could live off of and iced drinks that will hydrate and give you energy!

Ingredients Cafe Meals Food that you grew up on with the best, holistic spin! Gourmet grilled cheese, kale caesar salad, and pesto yam quesadillas are just a few of our most popular items!

House-made products that are also a big hit around here! Typically sold in mason jars in the market, you’re given a $1 credit upon their return. Choose from our famous Sprouted Hummus, Pinto Refries, Lemon Tahini Dressing, Cindy’s Miso Gravy, Buddha Sauce, Tahini Miso Spread, Lemon Turmeric Elixir (Major Master), Beet Kvass, House Made Sauerkraut, medicinal veggie broth, pates, and more organic, living foods. The list is growing every day!

Everything in our cafe is vegetarian, optionally vegan, and prepared fresh daily with lots of love from local organic ingredients! We enhance the nutritional quality of our food by soaking all our grains, seeds, and nuts. Indoor, outdoor, and cozy couch seating areas provide spaces for you to relax while you enjoy your nutritious meal.

We strive to be waste-free in everything we do, and with the help of reFUSE we have reduced our waste to under 5% of our food and materials. Food scraps are either composted or fed to local chickens and turkeys; cardboard is composted, to-go containers (even the straws and cutlery) are compostable, and we eliminate the need for tetra-packs by making our own almond and hemp mylks from fresh, sprouted organic nuts and seeds!


Ingredients Cafe

Just some of the organic, gluten free-friendly, vegan-friendly meals and treats we make at Ingredients Cafe!