Treatment solutions for Premature Ejaculation

A kind of sexual dysfunction that can harmfully affect the quality of sex life of a man is premature ejaculation. When the climax or orgasm happens earlier than desired then it is called premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation can not only affect the level of sexual satisfaction for men and women partners both but sometimes also complicate their reproductive system.

Some facts regarding premature ejaculation

Some of the main things about the occurrence of premature ejaculation may include:

  • In fact premature ejaculation rarely occurs when you are unable to control it due to a medical problem even though doctors also have to disown this idea.

  • Premature ejaculation can also cause certain other symptoms like embarrassment, distress, depression and anxiety.

  • This sexual problem can be treated through various ways from doctor’s assurance about improving your condition within a timeframe to domestic methods of increasing the time of ejaculation through training and practice.

Some tips for premature ejaculation treatment are provided here under for your consideration.

Prediction and action: In some cases, premature ejaculation happens due to psychological reasons and can cause depression. So it is better to focus on its symptoms.

If this sexual problem is noticed when you start a new relationship then usually it gets resolved when this relationship is continued. But if the problem exists since long then doctors can suggest for counselling through therapist specialist in couple therapy or in sexual relationship. One can go for such therapies if:

  • Ejaculation occurs before the vaginal sex continues for less than 2 minutes.

  • Ejaculation happens repeatedly after sexual stimulation for a while, before the climax is desired as well as ahead of, during and soon after penetrating initially.

  • PE causes distress between the persons in sexual relationship

  • The control of ejaculation is not proper

  • Premature ejaculation happens in most sexual intercourse attempts during last 6 months.

  • The intake of dapoxetine causes side effects like diarrhoea, nausea, headache and dizziness.

Use of topical medicines: Certain topical drugs can be applied to your penis before sexual intercourse. After applying these drugs the stimulation of your penis reduces whether you are using a condom or not. the amount of time before ejaculation can be improved by using prilocaine or lidocaine as topical drug. But these drugs can cause loss of erection and numbness if used for long time. men usually do not accept reduction in sensation as well as numbness may not be acceptable to women created by these drugs.

Remedies at home: Premature ejaculation for men can be treated at home in two ways

  • Using stop and start method: Main aim of this method is to improve the control o man over their ejaculation. Either of the sexual partners can stop sexual stimulation when orgasm is likely to occur and resume the stimulation after getting it subsided once.

  • Squeeze method: In this method men or their sex partners have to squeeze the end of their penis for at least 30 seconds before starting the stimulation again.

Men can use these methods 3-4 times before ejaculating finally. Though it is important to increase you ejaculation time with consistent practice but if you fail then you should discuss it with your doctor.

Workouts: It has been proved through various researches that Kegel exercises can help in strengthening your muscles in pelvic floor and treat the people suffering from PE since long.

A study was conducted on 40 men taking physical therapies like physio-kinesio therapy for the contraction of their muscles, stimulation of perineal floor electrical methods and the feedback that allows the users to understand the ways to control the contraction of muscles in perineal floor. Certain exercises were also followed by them on their individual level to treat premature ejaculation. After continuing treatment for 12 weeks it was observed that the improved control on the reflexes of ejaculation was experienced by more than 80% of the participants. The time between penetration of penis and ejaculation was increased by 60 seconds minimum.

Psychological reasons: Premature ejaculation, in most cases, can occur due to psychological reasons instead of any health problem only. They may include inexperience in sexual relationship, problems in the physical image, new relationship and too much or over excited stimulation etc. The PE caused due to these reasons is also known as acquired or secondary PE as it can affect a person even if earlier his ejaculation was normal.

Medical reasons: PE can rarely be due to medical reasons like multiple sclerosis, prostate problem and diabetes etc.

Indications: The presence of few symptoms can help in recognizing whether the premature ejaculation is in initial stage, persistent or caused by medical reasons. These symptoms may include:

  • Significant distress caused by PE,

  • Ejaculation usually occurs before, during or just after penetration

  • Inability to delay ejaculation during penetration almost every time

  • Rise of negative effects like frustration, loss of sexual confidence and distress

Men and their partners can experience psychological symptoms even if they are secondary to physical symptoms of PE.

Identification of problem: Psychologists and psychiatrists use a manual for diagnosing PE clinically as a sexual problem on the basis of the fact that if ejaculation occurs with least stimulation before or just after the penetration even if it is not desired. It can significantly distress the person if it occurs frequently and persistently.

In this way premature ejaculation can also be defined as one of the commonest types of erectile dysfunction. In order to assess the symptoms doctors usually ask few questions like about latency or the time taken before the occurrence of ejaculation. Other questions may be related to:

  • The frequency of PE occurrence

  • The duration of experiencing this problem

  • The problem is experienced occasionally or always

  • The level of stimulation enough for your ejaculation

Several surveys have proved that 15-30% men are affected with premature ejaculation. But very few of them are diagnosed medically. But the discomfort experienced by the men, suffering from PE but cannot be diagnosed as per the medical criteria, cannot be reduced due to this disparity in statistical figures.

It is supposed that nearly 2% of men are affected with the problem of primary or permanent premature ejaculation.