Foods That Affect Your Sex Drive

If you are planning to have great sex tonight, there are some foods you should avoid. This is because they will affect your sex drive negatively. Therefore, you must choose what you eat wisely, and avoid foods that are known to kill your sex drive. Here is a list of the foods you must avoid for a better time tonight.


Chocolate lowers sex drive in men, but luckily not all types of chocolate will affect your sex drive. The dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is good because it is nutritious and therefore you should just stick to it. Dark chocolate will help you because it has high antioxidants and is rich in L-tryptophan which helps serotonin which is responsible for good mood levels. Hence you will have happy moods that will help you in responding well when enjoying that moment.

Avoid Hot Dog

As hot it might be, it will clog up her vagina, and your penile arteries and hence sensitivity will not be as expected. The overall effect is that though you will have sex, it is not as sweet since you have low sensitivity. Your energy levels will go down, and you will not be able to sustain an erection.  Substitute processed foods with high energy carbohydrates.


This is not good for men especially the day you are planning to get naughty in bed. It will reduce the testosterone levels, and this will obviously affect the response when it is time. You might start with high mood, but it ends even before she realizes your presence. Peppermint is a good herb for digestive system but not very good for libido.

Tonic Water and Drinks Containing Quinine

Quinine is used as a preservative in some drinks including tonic water. Unfortunately, it is linked to low libido in both male and females and therefore those drinks that contain it should be avoided.

French Fries

Whereas you might feel very high in energy after eating French fries, unfortunately, that high mood dies quickly, and you are left feeling very low. You, therefore, have a low mood by the time you are preparing to go to bed. The other effect is that if the oil used in preparing them is not good, you will be feeling bad, and therefore it affects your mood.

Red Meat (For Some People)

This depends on how you feel individually after eating red meat. If you have a good digestive system, eating some meat will be good because you will have the energy. However, if you have a poor digestive system, the meat will affect you because you might have a bloated stomach. Therefore, you should avoid meat if you have a poor digestive system.

Alcoholic Drinks

Wine and particularly red wine is good but should be taken in low quantities. For those who love beer, more than one bottle will not work well because it affects the energy levels in your body.

Therefore, if you really want to enjoy the night, avoid those foods that will affect your mood and energy levels. You should also avoid eating too much food to avoid stomach complications.